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Why Do You Carry Concealed?

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Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
Here's an article/question I posted.

So let's here, why do you carry concealed?
self defense........cops cannot protect me or mine when i need it. they are the "clean up" crew. my wife also carries so that she can protect herself when we are not together.
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  1. rilkil23's Avatar
    I use many holsters for 4 different carry guns. depends on weather and my daily tasks as to which gun and where to carry. I carry 1 gun and one extra magazine.
  2. rilkil23's Avatar
    woops, wrong blog. sorry.
  3. trematthew's Avatar
    I carry, not only for my own protection, but to protect my wife and young kids when we're out in public. :)
  4. zerogambit2005's Avatar
    I carry to protect myself and family.
  5. RockinAJ's Avatar
    For the same reason I have a fire extinguisher in my house. I've fought fire long enough to know we can't get their in time to save the structure or prevent more than slight damage. A gun is the same thing. God bless cops and I feel blessed to have amazing law enforcement in my area. But they have too many other people to serve to always protect me and mine 24/7.
  6. massaud's Avatar
    Because its my right!!!
  7. Black Eagle's Avatar
    I live close to the new orleans area. Protect myself from the crime element and the bad cops .
  8. Black Eagle's Avatar
    Let me tell you. They are plenty of bad cops in the new orleans area. And not just NOPD
  9. Black Eagle's Avatar
    Plus protect myself from fools like george zimmerman.
  10. Lynx's Avatar
    I carry because I believe protecting myself and my family is my responsibility first, not law enforcement. They are there to help and protect the public. Also @ black eagle, if you have a gun, what makes you different from zimmerman?
  11. Black Eagle's Avatar
    Well lynx I dont go out to pursue innocent people. I have a cc permit. I dont stop people because they look different. I dont racially profile anyone. I dont pursue people when leo tell you to stop following. ***** hole
  12. glavanway's Avatar
    I carry because I will not be a victim. I carry because it's my right. I carry because the government has forgotten the they serve us.
  13. Lynx's Avatar
    @black eagle, Thank you for replying, also as an interesting note. I started carrying after volunteering in new orleans post katrina, so I wholeheartedly wish you good fortune and no need to use your weapon, but please don't stop carrying it.
  14. mattman's Avatar
    I have many reasons, but above them all is to protect my family, myself, and anyone else who isn't able to protect themselves. I also enjoy the feeling I get knowing that we live the greatest country on the face of the earth that both my grandfathers fought to keep free. God bless America.
  15. ekwintersteen's Avatar
    Hey everyone, long time reader first toner poster, like many of you for self preservation and safety. A friend showed me this article last week it really resonated with me.

  16. zerogambit2005's Avatar
    I carry to protect my self and my family .
  17. magnesium's Avatar
    You never know when dark times are going to arrive... It's better to be prepared.
  18. onebadelf's Avatar
    To protect myself and my family. I had my femur broke in multiple places a few years ago and running away is not an option for me. So I need to be able to protect myself.
  19. Matanzas's Avatar
    I carry to protect myself and my son. World is a changing place and were not going to be the next headline