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.357 math??

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if i am correct; .380,9mm, .38 cal. and .357 are all the same diameter. just different sized cartriges and powder charges.
why is a .357 mag called .357 if they are the same diameter?why not .38 mag?
I'm sure some others have already covered this. The .38 caliber bullet is actually British in origin as its bullet was shaped like our modern .22.... its base actually smaller than the rest of the bullet. Therefore.. the bullet diameter and the brass casing diameter is the same. We Americans made the entire bullet smaller, to fit inside the brass case, and when we did the bullet actually became a .36 caliber but the term .38 stuck. With all that said... there is no "true" .38 caliber bullets now. They are all in the .36 caliber family. Thus you get the actual sizes of .355, .356 and .357. Honestly.. not enough difference to matter.. As another writer wrote, .357 is the true diameter and the term "Magnum" was borrowed from the enormous wine bottle, also known as "A Magnum" of wine. You are right. Essentially the difference lies in the style of brass casing.. for semi-auto or revolver.. and the powder charge behind said bullet.
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    size of powder charge