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I have a concealed firearm permit (resident) in Florida and I will be traveling this summer to Kentucky;
What I would like to know is if the same laws and regulations that are in place in Florida mirrors the laws and regulations of the other states that honors my CCP
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  1. combustioneer's Avatar
    You should investigate this on the internet. Always familiarize yourself with the carry laws before carrying in another state. You should also not take anyones opinion of the law but read it yourself. It is very unlikely that Florida and Kentucky law is identical. There will be differences, study up.
  2. royfraker's Avatar
    You need to invest in the Travelers Guide book. I travel on a regular basis and find myself using this guide regularly. It tells you what the law are in each state and give you a contact number to call with questions. Call 8594916400
  3. JohnGalt42's Avatar
    You can also go to the CCW section of the Florida Ag website. You look for the list of reciprocity States. FL provides the links to the States' CCW website and laws. There is a link for KY.
  4. jscooper1975's Avatar
    Im from Lakeland fl. Just moved to ky. An i carry have been pulled over and just give the cope my c.w.p. and o was good to go you can carry in ga. To so you can carry all the way to ky. And you can open carry in ky. Witch is cool something you can not do in fl. Well you can but the cops will shoot you lol