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Concealed Carry or Open Carry? Where do you stand?

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[QUOTE=dmsetzer318;456898]Where do you stand on the Concealed vs Open carry debate?[/QUOTE]

Hello, first time posting.
I think concealed carry makes people feel more comfortable in certain public settings. If its a gun range or gun event then open carry seems fine with me. I personally would like the rules on carrying to loosended up in high crime areas. I feel like crime will decrease and it will be a deterrent for criminals.
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  1. Firefly's Avatar
    I prefer concealed but maybe for a different reason. I don't want my sidearm exposed anymore than I want a $100 bill hanging out of my back pocket. Too tempting for anyone who can run faster than me.
  2. mogolfman's Avatar
    agree with firefly. concealed arry is better because it doesn't "spook" anyone while creating a semblance of safety.
  3. ceejay's Avatar
    Concealed carry. No reason to give others -especially those not into guns- that you are carrying.