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Mr. Colion Noir, the NRA, and detractors......

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I have had the recently had the privilege to listen to a guy on youtube by the name of Mr. Colion Noir. This gentleman has the astounding ability to put complicated issues into very easily understood language. Im not talking about rocket science, just my thoughts and opinions on guns, yet put into better words than I have the ability to say. Anyways, this gentleman has been making videos for a couple years now, and recently the NRA has asked him to be a spokesperson. Kudos to him for this amazing opportunity, yet, being a black male who gives all appearances of being successful, some in the black community take offence to his current opportunities. I have a hard time understanding why anyone would go so far as to condemn another person for a mediocum of success on a site like Youtube. Lets face it, if the guy had nothing of substance to say, his viewership would be minimal along with the subscribers. As it stands, I find myself almost wanting to join up with the "Googlebots" just so I can subscribe, just to show solidarity of sorts. I dont know all of his philosophies, or all the outlooks on any particular subject, but from what I have heard so far, I like what I hear.

Now lets jump to another subject: Dr. Who.

Ive been watching this show on Netflix for a short while. So far, Ive wanted to call the BBC and complain a couple of times, then I have to think, this show has been off air for a few years and it would do no good! I know I know, lame but thats what I get for only having Netflix for TV. We made a decision to get rid of all the crap that doesnt help pay off the bills as quickly as possible. Yes, $8 is now going towards something other than bills, but it keeps us from going more insane. Back to the good Dr. I wish that they would have kept some of the actors, just about the time I start to like one of them they change.

If your reading this, then i bid you goodnight! Time for the end to this episode of Dr. Who then on to Skyrim!

Oh yea, sorry about the poor grammar, spelling, sentence structure etc.....
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  1. kflo01's Avatar
    I have been watching his videos for a few months now. Also being a black.male myself he is setting a excellent example. Smart, well.spoken and funny. When I do my YouTube videos I try to keep in mind how I speak and say in my videos. He's doing a great job and big up to him. Didn't know he was a spokesman until I read this.
  2. tj_cubin's Avatar
    these attacks on Colion Noir are coming from people whose only knowledge of gun culture is south Chicago. they assume of he promotes guns, he promotes violence. they don't know, or care that he has been doing these videos for a couple years. they assume he was just picked as a black talking head puppet for the NRA. They don't realize all the clips in his NRA promo were from previous videos on his own.