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NRA and Silver site supporter!

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On Thursday, March 7th, maybe the morning of Friday, March 8th, I finally came to the decision to add my name to the tally of supporters for both the NRA and here, as a silver supporter! I decided that I had the $$ to spare, so may I should put my money where my mouth lay and support those groups who actually do more than piss and moan in front of a computer. It takes cash to keep a website up and going, so I don't begrudge LukeM anything for having a supporter pay to play scheme (capitalism at its finest, free to read, pay if ya want) That and the giveaway costs as well, so maybe with more supporters he could make the prize..... More? maybe do a yearly drawing where you get 1k rounds of your ammo of choice (with whats going on in our world this year, that's almost worth my weight in gold) Then again, I don't know of any other website just giving away a firearm with all the accessories, especially with the easy requirements that are here! So for those of you who don't know, bronze is $25, silver is $50, gold is $100 and if anyone has an extra $1000 laying around, Ill be a gentleman and take it off your hands so I can go life time supporter
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  1. ROGERFP's Avatar
    I am glad to hear you have decided to put your money where your mouth is. The next thing to do is write or email your senators and tell them to support you and vote against the bills the senators from my state (CA) are promoting.