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I just read an article in the local paper that states in COLORADO you can now pay 30.00 and enter a 'members" only pot club (LEGALLY) and smoke your brains out. But the Governor is thinking about a gun ban. WHAT? Something here is really upside down. You can legally smoke marijuana but not own a firearm. Where in the constitution does it state marijuana is ok and guns are not?
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  1. Gaagii's Avatar
    If your stoned and out of your mind, the powers that be don't have to worry about you. You'll go along with the program and not be a thorn in their side.
  2. Oldfart's Avatar
    People still.don't realize that it's still against federal law but govern officials use it to so they dont enfoce the law.
  3. ihaveagun's Avatar
    I looked, and couldn't find it. Oh, and it only took me a few minutes. Maybe our elected officials should. :-)