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The Supreme Court's decision

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It isn't over yet maybe the The Supreme Court's decision has upheld Obamacare almost in its entirety by
calling it a tax.

There is nothing we can do about the Supreme Court. Justices decision, we
must now focus on the elected branches of government.

When Republicans took over the House last year, they promised to repeal
Obamacare which was one of the reasons we elected them. Those Tea Party
Candidates we elected tried to do what the People wanted.

But the Old guard including House Speaker John Boehner at the Federal level
caved at every opportunity.

At the State level in Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine was more
worried about protecting incumbents than promoting the Tea Party candidates
and didn’t hesitate to spend over $2,000,000.00 of the Ohio Republican
Party funds to do so. Now they have the gall to keep calling my home for
donations after doing everything possible to keep our Teaparty candidates
voice silent.

Republicans promised that if their repeal bill is blocked in the Senate,
they would refuse to fund Obamacare.

They passed the "Ryan budget," which defunded Obamacare.

But Boehner caved on September 30, when there was the threat of a government
shutdown and agreed to an Omnibus bill that included funding for Obamacare.

All the Republicans in the House have to do is stick to their budget. If
Democrats want to force a shut down over de-funding Obamacare when 72% of
the Independents want it repealed than so be it.

The Supreme Court has spoken, Now it is up to the People, replace every die
hard politician in Congress and Senate both Republicans and Democrats.
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  1. Alubys's Avatar
    I agree that all politicians need to be replaced as they are all crooks no matter what party they are. But do really think that the people's vote will do anything?
    No matter what we vote, the elected officials will be who they want to be not what we want or what we need.
  2. airmarshall's Avatar
    Consealed carry under Obama will most likely be a health issue, they are not above any tactic to take our 2nd amendment rights.
  3. Bryan All American's Avatar
    Hello, I am new here. I would like to comment concerning the takeover of our land that is now happening hot and heavy. There are factions that have been in our land trying to do away with our constitution by watering it down and redefining it. There are those in the government that want a U.N. treaty to take over instead. We will then become subjects rather than citizens. Many of us are guilty of encouraging it. How you might add. By letting laws come about which step on our amendments. There should be no guns laws period, that's a violation of the 2nd amendment. And there should be no police stop checks without probable cause, Thats a violation of our 4th amendment rights. Oh I know! Sobriety checks are to take the drunks off the street. It's for our own good. Thats always what they say when socialists are trying to bring us closer to Communism. We must protect our Constitution and the amendments very carefully. I would rather a few more drunks be on the road than to have my civil rights stripped from me.
  4. gagesdad's Avatar
    Any word on Illinois concealed carry?