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Time for a third Party

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I was thinking the same thing as I read the thread. Have blacks forgotten the southern democrats of the slavery era? THave they forgotten it was republicans that freed them from bondage?
Before Abraham Lincoln and the beginning of the Republican Party we had the Wig Party. I have been a Republican for a long time, but I'm starting to realalize we are being scamed.

When the Republicans have a chance to do something with Substance they fold, such as defunding Obamacare, putting a stop to the never ending rise in the debt ceiling, giving us a Presidential candidate, or a House Speaker that has some Substance.

But they are true to the bone when it comes to doing something for (Show Only) such as a bill to repeal Obamacare when they know it will never pass senate and if it does Obama will veto it.

I have never been for a third Party, but now may be the time (Tea Party).

It doesn't matter if Obama wins or loses, We the People need to take Our Country back.
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  1. Busterdog1's Avatar
    It wouldn't matter how many parties there were, they would all become corrupt in their own way. What we all have to get together and do is limit the federal government's responsibility. Get back to the founding fathers idea of what the responsibility of government was. Provide for defense and operate a post office. Currently the feds have got their hands in just about everything in our lives. Lots of power, and as they say "Power corrupts". Let the states handle their own affairs.
  2. TlWheatley's Avatar
    A 3rd party will not work as long as libs control the demonuts..it's not dems vs. Repulicans
    It's Conservatives vs libs.
  3. jabatam's Avatar
    That's very misleading. Although true, democrats of that era were the conservatives while republicans were the liberals and progressives. It was around the turn of the last century that they began to switch