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IWB Holsters for Springfield XD Sub-Compact

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I am looking for a good IWB holster for a Springfield XD Sub-Compact .40 cal. I would like pros and cons, do's and don'ts and web addresses. I need a holster that is comfortable to wear all day but not comfortable enough that I forget I am carrying. Any input is appreciated.
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  1. dunamis's Avatar
    I use a iwb holster from frontline holsters it is a tuckable holster. It is awesome they are available for virtualy every weapon out there, and they will do custom. I carry a px4 storm berretta .40 subcompact.
  2. misunderstood's Avatar
    I got xd sub 9 and use the remora. Remora is good holster. It is cut great with sweat shield and the art cut. But it also sucks because i got readjust the holster when seating down and bending over. I have a desantis holster for my p220 i like better. Hoping to order one for the xd sub next time i get 15 extra bucks. Midway usa has the desantis on sale.
  3. rogerw's Avatar
    I had just got back from a 1707 mi motorcycle ride. Took my old faithful IWB holster with Springfield XDM. Very comfortable. Also a sponsor of this site. Check out there website. Old faithful holsters. I have 4 of them now.
  4. Vaquero01's Avatar
    Crossbreed supertuck is the most comfortable holster out there, but spend the extra $15 for the horsehide, I have one for a 1911 and a Glock that I wear every day all day
  5. airmarshall's Avatar
    I recommed both 3speed and crossbreed, they are very comfotable and accessible.
  6. ICS's Avatar
    Comp-tac is what I go with
  7. mikelafemina's Avatar
    I have XD9 SC and S&W 1911 PD. Carry both IWB with Crossbreed Super tuck. Love it.
  8. hosejr's Avatar
    crossbreed supertuck is the only IWB you should consider.
  9. Jlsiv87's Avatar
    I have an XD9 and carry with desantis IWB. very comfortable and it adds less than a1/4inch to the bulge it's ok to run with. draws nice and fits great it also clips over the belt. no fuss with snaps or feeding the belt through, very user friendly and only about $23 and change
  10. n4sxx's Avatar
    I would say take a look at versacarry.com
    I have 1 I carry upwards of 16 - 17 hrs. daily 7 days a week I carry a Glock G22
    Pro : inexpencive,stright forward,almost zero print
    Con : no sweat guard, if you draw you gun system has to be removed to reinstall pistol