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ruger sr9c

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New Member.. I am going for my ccw class on Dec 15,2012. I am so stoked and the wife is going to go also I am the proud owner of a Ruger sr9c it has been a 100 percent reliable.
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  1. clint starling's Avatar
    Congratulations! The sr9c is awesome, its my regular carry, conceal or open. How do you plan to carry? Check out Tennesseeholster, thats where I buy mine and my wifes holsters
  2. Soserius's Avatar
    this world would be a much safer place if everyone went for there ccw! congrats to you and your wife. Me and my wife went to get ours together, and she now has a new love for shooting guns. I live in ky so it takes 3-4 months to get our ccw after taking the course. well worth the wait. I feel much safer knowing that I am able to protect my family and the people around me from danger. Happy shooting friend..
  3. ihaveagun's Avatar
    Good choice, I carry one everyday. :-)
  4. Engelsione's Avatar
    I am a proud owner of one and it is the best gun ever
  5. Engelsione's Avatar
    Here in Ohio, after class, you go to the sheriff's office and your Ccw will arrive in less than 10 days.
  6. blueford001's Avatar
    I have the SR9C as a everyday carry gun and shot 500+ rounds with no issues. Great gun and easy to handle and conceal.
  7. jeff martin's Avatar
    Excellent shooter! It's what I carry now!!