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4473 didn't get signed!!!!

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I have a short story, then a question for all here.
I recently purchased a DPMS .223/5.56 from Walmart......I know, I know.....Walmart. It's a great gun, shoots straight and true, and I am very happy with it. It has been a week since my purchase and I received a call today from Walmart stating that, "THEY", forgot to have me sign the, "4473 form", before I left with it!!!! Are you serious???? They forgot to have me sign the, "most important form" to the ATF in this process and now want me to drive back down there to fix their mistake.....
Here is my question:
What happens if I don't sign it???

Any input is welcome,


  1. Podman's Avatar
    Obama might be coming after you soon. lol
  2. tepytsat's Avatar
    Actually, the problem falls on Walmart. When ATF performs their audit and discover incomplete paperwork - they'll go after Walmart, not you. They made a stupid mistake that can cost them a lot. Have them get the form to you - on your terms like Fed-ex'd or hand delivered to you - and sign it. They've already got all your information and the form - this is to comply with their FFL requirements - we don't really want more places getting their FFL jerked. Good luck.
  3. DILLIGAF's Avatar
    See the original story post and conclusion in the forums section.....thanks for the input...

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  4. Pistoleer Pastor's Avatar
    I'm not a lawyer, but it is obvious that the onus is on them. If I were you, I would either insist that they mail the form to my house, along with a postage-paid return envelope, or I would insist on a gift card to reimburse my gas. In the latter case, I'd turn around and purchase ammo with it, presuming that they have any. My local Wally World has been doing better at stocking 5.56, though I typically purchase from bulkammo.com.