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Wisconsin businesses prohibiting weapons...

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Wisconsin has too many businesses that have posted signs for prohibiting weapons. I'm a little tired of seeing this. I've been shot at and robbed once in my lifetime. In each occurrence, I did not have a weapon due to my age. Fortunately I was not hurt. When I was robbed, I gave up my cash when the douche showed me the pistol in his waistband. Fortunately he did not pull it out, otherwise I strongly believe he would have fired at us. That is the backbone of my choice to carry a concealed weapon. My point is, I will do everything in my power to protect myself, my family, and anyone else in danger as long as other people decide they want to threaten another person's life. The businesses that do not allow weapons are **** out of luck in my mind. They are creating criminal safe zones, and I will be damned if I'm caught in one of those businesses without my friends Smith and Wesson. So to all of you who stand up for your right to bear arms, to carry, and are willing to use deadly force when necessary to not only protect yourself, but to protect others.... thank you.

Carry on...

I would appreciate any comments on this, or on your choice of carry firearm.
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  1. Jmeadows's Avatar
    I agree that many businesses are doing this nowadays, and its a shame. Unforunatley the right you have to own and carry a weapon can be infringed upon to easily. But business owners do reserve the right to allow or not allow weapons on there property. I dont blame you for saying the hell with that. After all you deserve to be able to defend yourself anywhere you are. My only comment is to be careful when you do in places where its not allowed, the government would love to take your gun away.
  2. downrange1987's Avatar
    What I meant was that they have lost a customer until they take that sign down.
  3. rj53081's Avatar
    I live in wisconsin. I do not use any business that has put up signs. One sign shop here in town i have used for years lost my account.
  4. rj53081's Avatar
    And i carry a 92fs
  5. n4sxx's Avatar
    My .02
    I carry everywhere except banks & military base ! Thats why it's called concealed carry only you should know your gun is there
  6. downrange1987's Avatar
    I now carry a S&W M&P .40c. Great gun. Comfortable in the hand and holster.
  7. Dalaiah's Avatar
    We went through the same thing in Ohio. now, years later, there are a few places that post the anti carry sign, but most have changed. it took a lot of work to make this happen. Good, upstanding concealed carry permit holders most restart putting in the effort if they want change to take place. Talk to management, politely let them know why it is beneficial to let the good guys with the FBI cleared background checks in there stores. Enlighten them that the bad guys aren't going to obey their signs and in fact may target their establishment because of it. And also do your best to let them know
  8. Dalaiah's Avatar
    Do your best to let them know that you will not be able to patronize their business as long as they have a no guns sign posted. Make sure that you hold up to your word on that threat and not be seen as hypocritical. Always remember to be polite even when they are not. Eventually, slowly you should start seeing some change.
  9. Seadog261's Avatar
    GP-100, .357, 3" and if they don't like my gun they don't get my money!