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Prefered concealed carry position

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I carry at 8:00 (lefty) in a Mitch Rosen or Dragon Leather pancake holster. The pancakes are more comfortable for me and as long as I wear my shirt tail out or have something over it, they conceal just fine. The average sheep isn't going to notice anyway.

I'm a South Paw myself. My wife is a friend of Mitch's wife, so I have several of the concealable IWB'S in leather. This is the most comfortable carry for me. And, I can use these holsters year round, with shorts and a tee shirt or a sports coat and loose fitting pants.
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  1. Pistoleer Pastor's Avatar
    For me, it is a Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe in the strong side four o'clock position. I would like to appendix carry, but currently possess a keg rather than the six pack to make it anything but ridiculous.
  2. jeepers's Avatar
    I prefer to carry Cross Draw especially while seated.