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Colorado man arrested for openly carrying gun in movie theater

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He may be within his rights, but what he did was insensitive and kind of stupid.

Man arrested after bringing gun into Thornton movie theater - The Denver Post
I would never sacrifice my right to defend myself and my family at the expense of your sensitivity.

We are about at a place in this country and in history, where we need to bring back segregation.

Areas for those who are armed and don't mind being around other who are armed, and then areas for people who are unarmed and don't mind being victoms becasue of it.
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  1. jimmyv59's Avatar
    Sounds like he was totally within the law at all times ? Why did they do anything other than check him out, realize everything was in order? Arrested? Summons? Etc?? I don't get it?
  2. Montyrush's Avatar
    These buisinesses are private property i suppose...therfore its their preference.
  3. Pinnacle Safety's Avatar
    Most movie theatres in my area have a no weapons policy so I tend not to go to the movies if he just had to go with his weapon why not conceal it...15 mins maybe
  4. viper1685's Avatar
    A couple of observations, A) Colorado is an open carry state and under any other circumstances he was well within his right to carry his firearm. Him simply having the gun holstered on his hip would not have been probable cause for officers to react the way they did or even conduct a Terry Stop. However B) the theatre has a no firearms policy and because it is private property they are within their right. C) If the man was really concerned he could have either concealed and what momma don't know won't hurt her, or he could have stayed home. D) people are paranoid. They need to understand that guns aren't evil, people are. Even considering the tragedy a couple weeks ago I think the police response was overkill. He never made any threats to patrons. He should have been approached by an officer or two, quietly and asked to leave.

    Just my two cents!
  5. Omac's Avatar
    You would think that theater employees would be on high alert given the recent events in Colorado. Not one employee noticed the man "openly" carrying his firearm when purchasing tickets and entering the theater? At that point they could have simply told him his firearm was not allowed. On the flip side....there is no way in "blank" that I would open carry in a theater because of the recent tragedy in Aurora, knowing that people are going to freak out over it. My 2