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I carry the S&WM&P9c

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Hey any good ideas on what to get for a holster for my S&W 380 body guard? I haven't found one that reviews say it didn't set off the laser when put in the holster
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  1. tjarrowood's Avatar
    Look into Crossbreed holsters. Good price, comfortable to wear and easy to conceal. I have one for my S&W MPc 9mm.
  2. downrange1987's Avatar
    I have a S&W M&P .40c and use a nylon universal holster from Blackhawk. Works great.
  3. blinddog's Avatar
    Tagua makes a fine holster for the S&W 380. Its a IWB if thats what you are looking for.
  4. BlackGold757's Avatar
    Hi I use a (Sticky Holster) for this weapon and put in small crease of back very concealable also try hyde it cell holster both wrk wonders for this weapon
  5. AJM's Avatar
    kusiak leather makes the best bodyguard holsters...bought mine there! i prefer belt holsters but they have both
  6. Shield06's Avatar
    desantis cant go wrong