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EZ Duzit

What do you do with your carry-gun when...

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[QUOTE=Deserteagle;433372][QUOTE=TMcArthur;433331]I have been carrying off and on both OC and CC for three years now (Colorado baby!). About a year ago I changed my off-n-on habit to carry ALL waking hours, no matter the extra work required to do so. I figure there is no use having a handgun if it is not on your belt, right? Since then I have been running into some snags in my plan. I know these may sound like silly questions, but what do you guys do with your carry-gun when...

- I once took my gun off my belt to drop my drawers to use the toilet. I finished my business and promptly forgot my gun when I left the stall! (I know right! :nono:). I was lucky that no one else came into the restroom after so I was able to retrieve it without anyone else knowing. So, now I leave it holstered and on my belt no matter what. But, [B]what do you guys do with your gun when going #2 in a public restroom?[/B]

- I workout at my local gym 5 days a week. I wear shorts that will not hold the weight of my full-size M&P so it stays in a locker (locked of course). I do not like leaving it there, but I feel it is safer in a locker then in my car outside. Mainly I feel completely exposed though. [B]What do you guys do with your gun when you workout at a gym[/B]?

- I drive two different vehicles. One is a large van, easy to carry while driving. The other is a very small sports car with wrap-around seats and seating posture that make it very difficult to have something on my belt. Even a cell-phone is uncomfortable, let alone a full-size pistol.

- [B]What about when you get home?[/B] Do you let your guard down and un-holster once you are in your own home?

- Lastly, when I enter a friend's house that I have not yet asked his permission to carry in his house, I leave my gun locked in the car. We are talking about another person's house with wife and kids in play. Am I being too nice here? Should I announce it before entering his residence if I am carrying?

Thanks, and feel free to have some fun with the discussion, but please do not beat me up too badly for my bathroom mistake. I already have.[/QUOTE]

Take your firearm and wrap the toilet paper around the barrel and grip. Then use it to help wipe.

When I work out it goes in my locker.

When I get home it stays on me.

When you go to a friend's house, keep your gun on you. You dont need permission, otherwise you should find a new friend.[/QUOTE]

I carry a bersa 380 all the time. easy to conceal and easy to get too very fast. Hope I don't need to though.
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  1. Andrew49417's Avatar
    I never "announce" that I am carrying to anyone but a LEO. Concealed is concealed.
  2. Pinnacle Safety's Avatar
    A pocket 380 in a belly band is the only way to do it.
    I carry at home that's where you're most vulnerable
    And I carry at my friends house but of you come to mine I have a companion weapon for you
  3. Inglorious Basterd's Avatar
    in the rest room I put my gun inside my pants between my ankles - that way it won't get left behind and no one can see the holstered gun hanging off the side of my pants from outside.