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what do you think about a derringer for cc

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I have been thinking about carrying a derringer .380 as my cc weapon i have been carrying almost a year and i have never needed to use a gun before i just wish to carry at the off chance something happens that would call for me to be armed. . Im not GI joe and i dont pretend to be i just want to be ready
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  1. justxboxin's Avatar
    so you carry something like a ruger lcp then ?
  2. kgross71's Avatar
    I sold my three 8
  3. kgross71's Avatar
    Sorry Justxboxin I am learning this system. like I
  4. kgross71's Avatar
    like I said, I would stay away from 380s, not enough energy/velocity, too expensive to practice with, and you can buy a 9mm for the same price. There is also the round count issue. Buy a used Glock 26 you will not be disappointed.
  5. David Manley's Avatar
    I have the derringer a 38, I also have a LCR in a 38/357 5 shot and it doesn't take up much more room at all in your pocket and cost less. Derringer are great backup guns and definitely better than no gun at all, but spend you money wisely and go for the small revolver. You'll praise your decision if you ever have to pull it out.
  6. fourmula766's Avatar
    Better than none .... I have one in 9mm but always have considered it a novelty gun...
  7. TlWheatley's Avatar
    No trigger guard . I know it's a small risk but not one I'm willing to take.
  8. fauver52's Avatar
    Thanks for everybodys feedback i currently have no other weapon to carry when i bought the derringer i also bought my wife a taurus tcp .380 thats all we could afford i am the only one with a paying job my wife is a stay at home mom for our two boys i figured it was more important to have her armed with a semi auto then my self so it either the derringer or a kabar at this point but on the other hand i did place a sig sauer p938 on layaway to day . God bless and stay safe
  9. rdpate's Avatar
    Derringer's are to heavy and bulky for just two shots. There are many auto's and revolvers out that will give better concealment. Carry the largest caliber you can comfortably shoot and conceal.
  10. bikerbill's Avatar
    IMHO a bad idea ... they're heavy, hard to cock, hard to aim, only two rounds and slow to reload ... better than nothing but not by much ...
  11. Jbird23's Avatar
    I carried a .380 for a while. no safety so I didn't chamber. then I was reading more and more about caliber and load. the .380 was 6 and one could go in the chamber. I have since moved to the LC9 that holds 7 + one in the chamber and has a safety. I know that a lot of the gun folks don't like a safety, but for my everyday carry, I do, and a safety is quicker than chambering a round.