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please help cant figure this out

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My self my wife and my two boys are taking up hiking and i am looking to buy a light weight pistol for conceal carry and also as a trail gun i am stuck between a ruger lcr 357 , glock 36 .45 acp (the 30 is to wide for my hand ) or the kel-tec pf9 9mm i know the 9mm is a weak round vs black bear but i like the gun whats your input or if you have a suggestion for a gun i really would like some ideas and plz dont suggest crazy guns like 500 mag or 44 mag i have thought about them but i am looking for light weight and 60+ ounces is not light weight
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  1. Inglorious Basterd's Avatar
    9mm is ok for bad guys but practically useless for bear. if you like the 9 for CCW that's fine but get the biggest most concentrated can of bear mace you can readily get to and seriously consider a 12 gauge pump loaded with the hottest slugs available. Alternatively, hike somewhere where there are no bears.
  2. GRIM210's Avatar
    hunted a lot of black bear. Anything less than a 44mag in a 4 inch gun is a waste of time. Even with a 45 with plus p 230 grain loads, you are gonna get at best 1 and a half inches of penetration on an animal with at least 4 inches of SKIN. Just shout go away bear. I seen bear Ina dozen states. As long as you make enough noise not to walk up on them by surprise. no worrys
  3. matt111's Avatar
    You can always bring the bear spray.
  4. marky's Avatar
    Try glock 20,10mm its light and has stopping power and amo is not that exspensive. Good luck.
  5. 1911_Marine's Avatar
    Guides in Alaska will always say to their novice hikers carrying bear spray... please don't spray that stuff because it will get in my eyes while I am trying to draw my gun. Black bears are not Grizzlies and while I agree about 44 I will take any pistol over spray. You don't have to pay attention to the wind under duress with a pistol. LCR in 357 is a great pistol and I think you will be pleased with the form and function.
  6. massaud's Avatar
    I think that a .45 is a good all around gun. Its light weight and the recoil isn't that bad. My wife is 5ft and had no problem. The stopping power is there also. I personally like the FN .45 its light and not to expensive. Also, comes with three mags.
  7. Montyrush's Avatar
    I carry a .45 in the back country but I understand that .44 has hunting loads available for better penetration. stopping power is not the name if the game here...penetration is what will save your ass with a bear attack!
  8. taylor.eric's Avatar
    Seeing that a 44 Magazine maybe to big for your taste or requirements. I would personally look into a S&W M&P 357 or 357 mag revolver. But look into hornady critical duty ammo or something similar.
  9. gstarling3's Avatar
    If your looking into a 9mm try out a ruger lc9 great gun for the price!