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glock vs glock

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Glock 26 9mm vs Glock 27 .40 cal what would you choose for EDC any why
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  1. matt111's Avatar
    9mm has cheaper ammo and will hold more ammo. 40 has more power but is a good in between of the 9 and 45. You can recover faster after each shot vs the 45. Get onto u tube and watch ballistics in jell, its pretty cool to watch
  2. discodan's Avatar
    You could always get a g27 and buy the 40-9 conversion barrel. They are both the same size frame.
  3. Bigskyguy's Avatar
    I carry a 19 now, so if I only have these 2 to choose from, it would be the 26. I have no experience with 40 calibre.
  4. n4sxx's Avatar
    I carry a model 22 as a carry gun, I have also found a great carry system iwb look into versa-carry
  5. Flanmedic51's Avatar
    Shoot the largest caliber you comfortably can. So if not .45 then IMO go with the .40. The market is flooded with accessories for glock 9 &40.
  6. atherts's Avatar
    9mm ammo is cheaper. I have the 27 because I like the extra odor the .40. your mileage may vary and either is good.