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I'm interested in a SR40c for my conseal weapon. I've seen numerous reviews, a whole lot more good than bad. So I'm asking on this site for my final verdict.
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  1. jcdrake1988's Avatar
    I love my sr40c, so many ways to carry and in multiple configurations, I'm keeping this gun till I pass it down to my son. Great weapon.
  2. fearhd's Avatar
    Thanks jc. Just need some feed back before I spend over $400
  3. ihaveagun's Avatar
    I carry the SR9C. I like the size and the concealability. I use a DeSantis tuckable holster, I hardly notice its there. :-)
  4. Andrew Lee's Avatar
    I have a 40 myself. I bought mine with the idea of carrying it,but after shooting it,I changed my mind. The gun is great,nice looks,it's just really loud.
  5. lancermit's Avatar
    Andrew: why the change of heart about carrying it?
  6. Bassboy3000's Avatar
    My brother purchased the sr9c and it is a great pistol. A friend of mine bought the sr22 for her first gun to learn on, I'm waiting to see if it lives up to the reliability of the sr9c. Hope it helps
  7. RUGERFAN314's Avatar
    I carry a lc9 an I love it
  8. clint starling's Avatar
    I have and lc9 and a sr9 c. I really like both of them and carry both, conceal and open. My wife carries and sr22 and it is a wonderful handgun. I would recommend any ruger product.
  9. legamin's Avatar
    Nice gun. Carried mine for a while until I rented an STI Electra 1911 9mm.
    Wow! I have found the gun that I'd trade my wife for! But a good Ruger will never die if you keep it clean and do your semi-annual total break down cleaning.