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SR9c or SR40c

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I can not decide. Definately sticking with Ruger, the biggest difference I see is cost of ammo (yes and for you who like to be technical, the caliber) Any thoughts?
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  1. CRAZYISH's Avatar
    I got the sr40c and so far good .
  2. blueford001's Avatar
    I have sr9c been great so far. 500 rounds with no issues
  3. Pistoleer Pastor's Avatar
    I would recommend the 9---the round is a proven person stopper and the ammo is more reasonable, especially given the greater possibilities with milsurp ammo.
  4. ihaveagun's Avatar
    I have a sr9c, very accurate litte gun. In my opinion, better than a 40 when in rapid fire mode. :-)
  5. Engelsione's Avatar
    I have the sr9c and is the best!
  6. legamin's Avatar
    If you shoot ball at the range for 9mm in nearly the same grain as you carry the performance hollow point rounds for self-defense you will not only be ready and practiced but a performance hollow point is tested and proven to be within 3% of the same type .40cal round ballistically...I hear the controversy starting to boil in some rumbly tummies. Please do your reading before posting rashly.
  7. clint starling's Avatar
    I have a sr9c, I have very fond feelings for it, never a problem, eats any ammo, and a blast to shoot. I carry conceal iwb sob, and its comfortable
  8. virtigo's Avatar
    if you can get both. Practice with the 9, carry the 40. the money you save on practice with the 9 will eventually pay for the 40.
  9. MMCPO's Avatar
    sr9c all the way! the more I shoot mine the better it feels 1000+ rnds.
  10. JHarrell's Avatar
    If you go with the 40 you can always go down to the 9 by placing a 9 barrel in. I do that with my comp gun. USPSA is a 40 and for IDPA I put in the 9 barrel. Every thing else is the same
  11. ccw_SR40c's Avatar
    I've owned the sr40c and sr9c. Both are great choice. I had a problem with fte's on the 9 (only when using the 17 round mag). I carry the 40 on me when I go out and have recently sold the 9.