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Certain people should not carry at all!

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From 9 yrs in the Army, CCW student now instructor. I've seen some real stupidity when it comes to firearms. What actions have you seen or comments have you heard that just makes you wonder how some people are allowed to be armed at all.
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  1. crowsnake's Avatar
    I know that 2B true but its the idiots right to Carry & us to try & teach them safety. Im not an instructor but if I see someone doing something stupid I try & politely speak up. Sure some might not take it well. But most ppl want to learn if your good at addressing them. But you can't deny the stupid without denying the good. IQ test is nit required.
  2. duke7595's Avatar
    To fearhh,

    I have got to agree without a doubt. THERE ARE PEOPLE CARRYING DEADLY WEAPONS THAT SHOULD NOT.

    As a LEO, I had to go through a series of physiological testing formulated to evaluate
    if I was stable enough to carry a weapon.
    And then to see if I could carry out the duties of a Police Officer.

    I am not quite sure what a person has to go through in the training phase to be
    eligible to carry concealed, other then a background check , and a day or two at the range.

    I believe anyone who wishes to carry a deadly weapon should have to go through
    at least a phys. evaluation.

    I know I will take some heat for this statement, but I have seen some real blunders
    and sad endings concerning this topic.
  3. pointblank871's Avatar
    I admit you are right on that. But even LEO's don't need to be LEO's just because you go to school and study the law and procedures and range Tim and physical preparation still gives them reason to become a LEO. I was an aviation police officer for 15 years and grew up on the streets of Chicago, the streets is were I got all my training and it was the best training ever.
  4. BenBullet's Avatar
    Here's one for you. I was in a local pawn shop recently when a young lady came in, spotted the firearms section and very vocally proceeded to inform the whole store that she hated guns and believed no one should be allowed to own them. A patron asked if she was concerned about protecting her family to which she replied she didn't have to worry about that because she lives in a very quiet, rural part of the county (she specified the community by name) with no neighbors for "miles around". Another customer said he was familiar with that area and asked where she lived. She told him, again loudly enough for everyone in the store to hear, describing her house and nearby landmarks. So within five minutes of entering a pawn shop crowded with complete strangers she had announced where she lived, that she was unarmed and that there were no neighbors in sight of her home. I bit my tongue and left the store thinking some people really are too stupid to be trusted with guns.

    Having said all that, I'd be more worried about the guy behind the wheel of the car in the next lane than the vast majority of ccdw holders.
  5. TWright's Avatar
    To duke7595,

    The reason the rest of us don't need a psych eval is because we're not out trying to be crime fighters. We don't deal with the public in a confrontational manner every day. We don't have to initiate a high speed chase, which turns into a foot chase, which turns into a wrestling match, and then politely say "watch your head" as we help them into the cruiser. I just want to save my tail if needed.
    Having said that, yeah there are some dumb people out there. The worst are the ones who keep a gun for protection and have never fired one.