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*Can the police take your firearm/s during a declared state of emergency?*

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Can/Should law enforcement officers ever again be authorized to confiscate the firearms of law abiding citizens during a declared state of emergency as they did during hurricane katrina? What say you?

Glenn Beck and Cam Edwards Discuss Americans’ Gun Rights During State of Emergency | Video | TheBlaze.com

H.R. 5013 was written into law after katrina because of what happened in the south. NO by law thay cannot take your weapon they may try but by law they can't I have a copy of this law by my front and back door for whatever good it will do. Myself don't plan on giving up my guns for any reason
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  1. Jmeadows's Avatar
    Review Rex 84 written by Oliver north during the Reagan administration. This gives the Government the right to do anything they pretty much want . Including detaining you, taking your weapons, and killing you if you get in the way. Its a interesting read.
  2. legamin's Avatar
    It is the governor of Louisiana who ordered police to seize guns if a person responded honestly that they had one(who's got just one!). He's an idiot but they obey their paymaster and you will get arrested if you prevent them from doing their duty. It's corruption at its finest. (I fought the laaw, but the law won!.....)
    Under normal circumstances your legal rights within the laws of the state you are in and your rights as defined by the state or territory covered by your ccw permit you are a. Under no legal obligation to volunteer that information (don't be captain obvious and flaunt it or lie badly here). And b. understand all federal laws which may supersede state laws.
  3. legamin's Avatar
    P.s. check out new gun laws during times of declared crisis under the FEMA Act, the war on terror laws and civil disobedience crisis. What was not covered by uncle olly north is now covered under the new " because I said so! That's why!" Laws covering whatever the fed applies them to at whatever time it sees fit. This is why we, like our forefathers, stand ready to resist the rise of an unconstitutionally oppressive government.
  4. OUTTAHERE's Avatar
    RESIST! RESIST! RESIST! Never in our lifetime have our rights and way of life here in the US been in such peril as it is now. We have reached a turning point where the govt. has decided that anyone can be declared and enemy of the state if the state so desires. If we do not push back at every mention of disarming the American public then they will begin to disarm everyone. Just because some politician signs something and calls it "law" does make it Just or Right. A law can be a law but still be illegal. If they do away with the 2nd Amendment thereby taking away the argument for "legally" owning a firearm, then that is tyranny and it can not be tolerated! The govt. now has a whole host of new "laws" that they are going to be trying out on us so stay alert and RESIST!
  5. 1911 MAN's Avatar
    Yes, Resist - Resist - Resist
    Keep the arms you have, "'till death do us part"!
  6. SFC's Avatar
    In a state of Emergency the Federal Government has the right to declare Martial Law, in which they can take you firearms. .......BUT......... Read your State State Constitution. If your governor is a weeny and says yes to the removal of all firearms from the the private citizens, I have two suggestions. (1) Dig a deep hole and wrap firearms in an Oil Sealant, wrapped in Butcher paper and fill the hole (2) Move to a state that says to hell with the Federal Government and will become ceded from the Union. There are a few of them out there, I live in one of them, but read about New Hampshire, Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, then checkout Texas, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oklahoma.

    Please read Arms Trade Treaty by the UN snopes.com: U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

    The Obama Administration has threatened to:
    (1) Trash, destroy or shred the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights
    (2) Ban all assault weapons (What ever that means)
    (3) ban the sales of all military style firearms (great this means, all Law Enforcement Agencies cannot carry their off duty firearm of this style, this would include all judges, DA, ADA, Lawyers, Doctors, etc.)
    (4) Has made indications to limit online ammunition sales

    Rumors have been made about Obama and the owning of guns
    (1) Q: Would Senate bill 2099 put a yearly $50 tax on each privately owned firearm? A: There is no such bill. A chain e-mail containing bogus claims refers to a bill that died more than eight years ago.
    (2) Q: Is the Army demanding information about soldiers' privately owned firearms? A: This is another false Internet rumor. A memo from one commander of a small unit in Kentucky was an isolated mistake that was quickly corrected; it wasn't Army policy.
    (3) Q: Does the Obama administration intend to “force gun control and a complete ban on all weapons for U.S. citizens” through a United Nations treaty? A: No. The administration plans to negotiate a treaty to regulate the international export and import of weapons. (Let add if something like this would occur there may well be a Civil War in the US)
    (4) Q: Did border patrol recently discover a large cache of guns on the Arizona border? A: No. A chain e-mail making that claim shows pictures of a seizure by the Mexican Army about 70 miles south of the Texas border.
    (5) Q: Has Obama found a "legal way around the Second Amendment"? A: The administration’s agreement to talk about writing a United Nations treaty to regulate arms exports and imports is a far cry from banning possession of firearms, which Obama says he doesn’t want to do and the Supreme Court has said can’t be done anyway.
    (6) Q: Is Obama planning to increase the federal tax on gun ammunition by 500 percent? A: No such proposal has been made by the Obama administration. And nobody in Congress has introduced any bill to increase the 11 percent federal excise tax on ammo.

    These are just of the hundreds of rumors, before making accusations to chain-emails, undocumented claims, etc., take the time and check out the the facts. I use FactCheck.org and go to Tag Archives
  7. Shawn Jarman's Avatar
    what guns? I don't have any, I sold them a long time ago
  8. Rhino's Avatar
    HR 5013 never passed, so having a copy of it won't help you. What you need is the 2007 appropriations bill for Homeland Security. That's where the original provisions from 5013 got enacted into law.