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Gary Quam

Looking for advice on a new carry gun

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I'm new to this site and would greatly appreciate any information you might have on a good carry gun. I am now carrying a Rossi 38 spl revolver, but am interested in a semi-auto. The two I were looking at are the Glock 23 and a Ruger LCP. Any pro's and con's you could provide would help me in my decision making. Thank you and I look forward to hearing what you have to say.
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  1. sigboy's Avatar
    Take a look at the ruger lr9c
  2. cosmo90's Avatar
    I like carrying the S&W .380 Bodyguard.
    Easy to conceal, very dependable, and proficient
  3. Montyrush's Avatar
    i chose the Sig p229...after a few months of carrying, I think the smaller p239 would be better.
  4. clint starling's Avatar
    I carry a ruger lc9, love this gun. Cn hardly tell its there and it comes with pinky extension. Best of all it shoots any 9mm you feed it, cheaper the better
  5. cavearoo's Avatar
    I carry my ruger p95, I have heard that many revolver shooters fall in love with this gun. it's very dependable after a few boxes. not the best gun to conceal but amazing open carry gun. and it's cheap! you can find them anywhere from $275-$350
  6. crowsnake's Avatar
    The Glock is big, the LCP is tiny. I love my Ruger LCP, but the Ruger LC9 is between in size & weight of your 2 thoughts. I will have an LC9 soon.

    But both gun breeds have excellent reputations. The LCP is surpriseingly accurate 4 its size & is reliable, will shoot any ammo, cheap 2 reloads, 2 good stuff.

    All three are good guns, go to a range, rent all 3. Shoot all 3. Consider hiding & carrying it all day every day, & pray you make the right choice. :)
  7. creatism's Avatar
    get both. use the glock as a primary carry gun and the LCP as a back up when you just can't hide the glock!!