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Gary Quam

Looking for advice on a new carry gun

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I'm new to this site and would greatly appreciate any information you might have on a good carry gun. I am now carrying a Rossi 38 spl revolver, but am interested in a semi-auto. The two I were looking at are the Glock 23 and a Ruger LCP. Any pro's and con's you could provide would help me in my decision making. Thank you and I look forward to hearing what you have to say.
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  1. Sfscavone182's Avatar
    My current dc is the Ruger SR9C. Very consealible, accurate, reliable and a blast to shoot! I have not had any issues with this firearm and it shoots whatever I put in it. On the other hand, my wife's dc is the Glock 26 which she loves. It also is very conseabile, accurate and being a Glock is very reliable! The only problem we have had with the Glock is with the finger extension on the magazine. It pinches her finger as its clambering the next round, but filing it down has resolve the problem. Let me know if I can provide you with any additional information.
  2. Bill Cavalieri's Avatar
    A factor (to me anyway) would be whether you're going to carry openly or concealed. I have a Glock 23. It is .40 caliber, holds 13 rounds, shoots where I point it and has never malfunctioned. It's probably better suited for the kind of concealed carry where you have your weapon in a holster and wear a jacket or shirt over it. I also have a Taurus TCP, smaller caliber and capacity but far easier to conceal. It is about the same dimensions as the Ruger LCP but .32 instead of .380. With a pocket holster and normal wear slacks or jeans it is virtually invisible. I was going to avoid caliber discussion but you're carrying a .38 special right now and maybe should consider the relative stopping power of the Glock 23 versus the Ruger LCP. Maybe move the Ruger up to an SR9c or SR40c.
  3. McNamara's Avatar
    If you are looking at the Ruger LCP, you might want to take a look at the Taurus TCP738. The difference I like about it, after the last shot is fired, the slide stays locked back. The LCP did not. just about the same size, but carries the .380 The Taurus Slim in .40 is nice and workable too. Depends on what kind of money you want to spend.
  4. Marty1215's Avatar
    Gary, I do carry a LCP, like it for the weight etc. not the most comfortable handgun to fire. With weight being the reason I bought it, the lack of weight makes it uncomfortable to shoot. But with that aside, a great gun if you want something small and that goes bang every time. I believe I have fired mine exactly 24 times/rounds. It does shoot low @ 7 yards, aim @ the head for center mass hit.
  5. kstechtom's Avatar
    I like the size of my LCP, but that is also it's drawback. The small frame and short barrel limit its range and accuracy, but I think the limits in accuracy (or my ability to shoot a small frame pistol) are acceptable for the comfort of concealment it allows. I purchased mine w/o laser but plan to add to it in the near future. I believe the addition of the laser will help overcome the short sights in a quick draw situation. If you do go with the LCP I would reccomend one with the laser already installed and go with a pressure type switch.
  6. Chef Ron's Avatar
    I recently purchased a Springfield XDm 40. Had it for a month now and put about 500 rnds in it shooting from 10 ft to 25 yrds. Very accurate weapon. Great feel and easy recoil. Love the safeties in the palm and trigger. I carry this every day. Very commfortable .
  7. Chef Ron's Avatar
    Oh yeah plus you cant beat the 16 rnd mags plus one in the chamber on the XDm 40
  8. hbdelarue's Avatar
    With regard to your question on the LCP, I purchased one for my wife to carry concealed along with a Folbus OWB holster. The only issue I have with the LCP is the lack of a manual safety once a round is racked. It took a lot of range time for my wife to break the finger on the trigger during a draw habit before she began to carry with a round racked. Other then that, coupled with the right ammo, its easily concelable and dead on at close range. Just keep in mind that should you use any firearm for self defense, be prepared to spend a few days in jail before its ruled justifiable... Good luck!
  9. Gary Quam's Avatar
    Well, I have made my decision. Im heading to Bass Pro this weekend to decide between the Ruger SR9, or SR9c. Ive looked at alot of reviews, plus the great comments I've recieved on here, now its just a matter of which one feels more comfortable. Recieved the call today from my local police dept that my LTC is in. Thank you for participating on my blog, the comments really helped. PS... Im gonna get the Glock 23 later in the summer.
  10. jscooper1975's Avatar
    Glock 23,26,27,36,19
    And 1911 with the 3 inch barrel
    Xd pr xdm with the 3.5 inch
  11. rebelxiii13's Avatar
    If u like the LCP check out the LC9 I have one and love it and with the finger extension you get some extra control its light and fits in your pocket easily