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Gary Quam

Indoor firing ranges

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I was at the range doing some shooting with a friend the other night, when after a little while I start to notice these Sparks coming back at us. When I ask my buddy if he saw it to he says, what, the ricochet? It happened several times, one sounded like it hit the front of a lane where a gentleman had been shooting at not 5 mins before. Has anyone seen this happen at their club?
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  1. SigGuy1175's Avatar
    Yes ...this has happened to me ...I was hit in the leg by a .40 round
  2. TlWheatley's Avatar
    Never seen it happen. But stranger things have happen
  3. JohnLM's Avatar
    Can't say that I have. I guess I'm so focus on what Im doing it may have got by me.
  4. Gary Quam's Avatar
    I happened to be watching a friend shooting when I happened to see it. Then while he was watching me shoot he heard a ricochet hit a couple lanes down. Another member had just left that lane about 5 mins earlier.
  5. glendenbreed's Avatar
    HD it happen to me several times just small pieces of lead flying back after being broken up into a thousand pieces
  6. DavetheEditor's Avatar
    Happens frequently. Usually with no worries. Usually. There have been a few instances where people have been nicked.
  7. JEngel's Avatar
    I see it a lot at my range. never heard of anything happening though.