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Taser or pepper spray

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Which do you think is more effective defense for a runner? I'd love to conceal and carry on a run but I don't think I could conceal or run very well with a gun.

Do you think pepper spray is enough? What about holding or carrying a taser?

Thanks for your opinions.


  1. BravoSierra2012's Avatar
    freeze +p made a believer out of me when I was certified with it years ago. a taser lasts 5 seconds and is effective, however imagine your eyes burned shut, your face on fire , and having asthma. that's what OC and CS in a spray can will do to you. be aware that spray usually takes 3-6 seconds to set in so stay moving.
  2. Kalamity023's Avatar
    not to mention the spray 95% of the time gets you too!
  3. Raider-3's Avatar
    I have a Leo buddy where he is issued a taser. According to him and his co workers they will not use a taser in the winter. They get caught in coats and jackets and are not reliable enough. In the summer when people are wearing less clothing they tend to work more consistently. Just what I have heard though.
  4. Cowboy615's Avatar
    From my experience with LEO, tasers are extremely effective; however, I believe in Freeze + P as well. It is the best spray on the market. It also has more lasting effects because when wiped away it still works. Sometimes, tasers must be utilized various times and the spray only needs one solid blast.
  5. milesihrig's Avatar
    tasers are expensive and only give you one shot before having
  6. milesihrig's Avatar
    to get up close and personal and use it as a stun gun... what of you miss... pepper spray have multiple burst where you can make sure you hit
  7. milesihrig's Avatar
    hit your tarhet.. I carry pepper spray as well as my 40 bc not all situations require lethal reaction,,, also can legally carry while drinking... I have used it before and it stopped the 3 people from attacking me and allowed me
  8. milesihrig's Avatar
    to get my vehicle and drive away
  9. gunsandgardens's Avatar
    There are a few great options, holster wise, for runners. Always carry your gun.