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I just wanted to start my blog. Well I'm from Pa, as of about 6 years, prior to that I lived in NJ and was raised on long island ny. I have been into shooting for countless years. I have my gun safe packed to the gills, actually over stuffed. My wife spoiles me, for real she does! I enjoy shooting so much that I became an instructor so I can bring new people into the sport the right way. I recently started reloading, so I can extend the joy of my hobby. Shooting, cleaning, and modifying aren't the only aspects of the fun. I work as a full time electrician at a hospital near Philadelphia. I'm happily married to my wife for 3 years, she is a dynamic woman. We were collage sweethearts that whent our separate ways, married the wrong people, divorced them, and found each other! It's actually a long fate story for another time! Anyway I figured I would share my thoughts and rambleings with anyone or probably no one!
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