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Best defense

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A student at the end of Basic Pistol class wanted to know what would be best for protecting his family and home, I took this as a learning moment and had my guard up because students are sponges and take everything literally. The first student proudly said, shotgun, and gave his virginal explanation, something along the lines of not having to aim. I corrected him with some shot pattern info. The next student said a .40 Glock because that was the only gun he had and that is why he purchased it. Good choice its a Glock, but keep going untill I hear the right answer. 5 other miscellaneous suggestions, and a real good one, the last student said it doesn't matter what brand or caliber, what ever is the most accurate for you will deliver the most hits if necessary. I liked that, but it wasn't what I was looking for. All eyes turned to me for my opinion. I simply stated, my dog. Not for the fact he is a 165 pound Mastiff, but if some wrong dooer crept up to my window to take a peek, he would be met with the kind of bark that makes the doorbell chime reverberate, and the look that has instilled soiled shorts to many door to door salesmen. It's the intimidation factor that would be the best thing for protection, the safest bet to send a bad guy running, and the sure thing that would keep me out of court, right or right.
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  1. justxboxin's Avatar
    I have a wife and three year old I trust my life to my ruger lcp I can carry it without notice and wouldn't wanna take a shot from it at all
  2. Wesco's Avatar
    I got two dogs myself. Best defense is dissuading a criminal from choosing you as a target in the first place.
  3. justxboxin's Avatar
    also take it or leave it I switch my carry up if I wear a belt guns out in the open as small as the lcp is people will not mess with you if they see it
  4. Wesco's Avatar
    I prefer people not know I have my kimber ultra crimson carry II .45 .... Causes more trouble then it saves.
  5. justxboxin's Avatar
    I can agree why I just have a lcp sp not everyone would see it to each is own
  6. fourmula766's Avatar
    Did anyone read this? He's talking bout his dog not what you have.... Glocker I agree dog is by far the best home defense.... my 85lb boxer Aries would be the first on the scene and I don't have to worry bout taking the safety off.....
  7. cigartom's Avatar
    there are a lot of ways to protect your home wisthout the use of firearms.f a good alaarm system with some extra battery operated entry alarms, motion sensor lights around the perimeter, etc. also open carry was good for the old western days ((rrmember the gambler who kept his weapon hidden untsil the last minute) being retired military, the element of surprize is great. whjy do you see most agents/investogators carry hidden. when you put a sign on yourself some fool will try to challenge you. one of the best defenses is retreat, re-group and always be ready, but not be aggressive until the situation warrants it. i personally think anyone authorized th carry a weapon should be screened for mental stability, including law enforcement. have a blessed day.
  8. rotjovi's Avatar
    I KNOW the bark of my Rottweiler, Jovi, HAS made a few of unwanted salespeople piss themselves. That quick, one loud bark shakes the house!!
  9. ShooterMcED's Avatar
    My 55 pound Aussy is highly protective and is more than convincing when she turns Cujo on a stranger at the door. No worris here. Once they get through her theres me with my 9MM and the wife with a 32 and the son with his 22 leaving the daughter with her softball bat and bucket of balls she can throw at 50 mph..........but i recon the cop car next door will just head most problems off before they get going.
  10. rilkil23's Avatar
    my female basset has quite the voice while my aging male basset sounds interested but incapable. I certainly pay attention when a dog I'm not familiar with barks at me and enjoy the sound when mine say hello to strangers.
  11. olsparky's Avatar
    I would agree that a dog is a great first line of defense, but coupled with motion-sensor exterior lighting, noisy entry alarms, and good locks on doors and windows. I don't think it needs to be a big, menacing dog. A small yappy dog is great too. I think the purpose of the dog is not to necessarily attack the would-be intruder, but to let them know their presence is known. As far as firearms go, whatever you're most accurate and proficient with should be closest to you in any situation where you might need it.