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Concealed carry blog for english class

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I am posting in this blog for my english class in college. It's for a research paper that I am doing and I chose to write about the benefits of concealed carry since it is something I strongly believe in. I believe that every city/town in every state should at least allow people to get concealed carry permits (I think they should all be unrestricted like that of Arizona but that's besides the point). The fact that Chicago has the most gun violence in America and is in a no-issue state shows that there is no point to strict gun control laws. Concealed carry allows for innocent citizens to protect themselves or at least just have the chance to protect themselves. The media only wants the people to hear about how bad guns are and how supposedly guns kill people on their own, but that is not true. Mass shootings happen in gun-free zones, where the criminal knows for a fact no one has a gun to stop him. If teachers had concealed carry in schools, criminals would think twice about shooting up a school. Conceald carry is a proven deterent. Recently there have been reports of teens playing a game called "Knockout" where they go around and try to knockout a random person with one blow. A 17 year old is now in prison for participating in this game because the perosn he chose to do the deed to happened to have had a concealed weapon and was able to protect himself and turn the criminal in. In my research, I found that according to the FBI, violent crime rates are highest overall in states with laws severely limiting or prohibiting the carrying of concealed firearms for self-defense (FBI Uniform Crime Reports). We deserve to keep our 2nd Amendment rights and protect ourselves, our children, and our families with concealed firearms.
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