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IWB Holster

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[QUOTE=ChrisTheKid;294804]I'm looking for a good iwb holster that's not bulky for the ruger sr9c any ideas?[/QUOTE]
I carry a Kahr P40 in a Kramer IWB2. Not cheap but comfortable and durable. I have carried a Ruger sp101 in a kramer for 20 years and it still looks gaad and works great.
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  1. concealedinla's Avatar
    Desantis IWB for my Kahr CW9.... took a few days to get used to an IWB holster.....
  2. McNamara's Avatar
    You can't go wrong with either a Galco King Tuk or a Crossbreed. I just orderd a Crossbreed for myself this past weekend. I have two friends that carry it and love it.
  3. Jeremy Gagliardi's Avatar
    I'll second the desantis leather IWB holster. I carry a xd sc in it and I like it. I carry all seasons and works for me in shorts and t-shirt. it's inexpensive and IMO worth a try. would love to try a super tuck
  4. rockoutwithmyGlockout's Avatar
    I prefer comp-tac conceals my glock 17 extremely well. IWB.