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  1. We have made the news! Take a look....

    To view this article: Romeoville Patch
    Posted by Ron Kremer (Editor) , December 09, 2013 at 04:10 PM

    Local Cop Brings Unique Expertise to Conceal Carry Training Classes

    Applications for Illinois conceal carry licenses will be available Jan. 5 on the Illinois State Police website. Anyone who wants a permit first must complete 16 hours of training such as Romeoville Sgt. Chris Burne offers through his GSSI business.

    (Editorís Note: This is the first ...
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  3. Illinois Concealed Carry Facts - The Everyday Questions

    The Illinois State Police will be be making the concealed carry applications available on their website on January 5th, 2014. Eagerly we all wait in anticipation.

    Some of you have already taken a required concealed carry course, and some of you have not. In any case, these are always the same questions that pop up regarding some of the fact. Yes, I have heard all of the birdies chirping, and each story has some sort of conflict with the actual Illinois Laws and regulations. ...