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Tired of a GUN forum being anything but

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I'm so tired of this form being anything but a gun forum this thing with design for use on gun content not your everyday gripes and complains
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  1. clint starling's Avatar
    Whats up with all the herbal crap and other stuff? I hear you, but there are dumb people out there.
  2. walt629's Avatar
    you do know that there are multiple thread topics available, right? some of us like to discuss other issues every now and then that may not be directly associated with guns. if you don't like reading those threads then don't. but stop your whining about it.
  3. westsidebob's Avatar
    Some people just have to have something to be angry about...
  4. gstarling3's Avatar
    Not complaining I'm just opening a topic for conversation. There are so many other venues for theses everyday topics like herbal weight loss why post it on a GUN forum is all I'm saying.
  5. westsidebob's Avatar
    Well I certainly agree on the herbal stuff, it's just an advertisement
  6. Sir Diealotz's Avatar
    stop complaining about complainingLOL
  7. legamin's Avatar
    Well would I be considered grumpy if I had a gripe about the impatient people who complain? Sheesh!