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Has anyone bought the insurance from usconcealedcarry.com?

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Is this legit and is it worth it? It claims that it will help you if you ever need legal or civil help due to using your firearm for defensive purposes.

Please understand that if you are ever clled on to use your wepon the law is going to come down on you to the point where you begin to wonder if you are actually living in the USA or in a foreign country.

Thank God that Tim Schmidt did his homework with the help of some the best people in the firearms industry and he has put together two programs to meet the needs of two groups of shooters.

The first group is the conceiled carry market throughout the USA through the US Concealwd Carry Association, located at www.usconcealedcarry.com.

The second group is the home defense market. This is strictly for those who use a weapon to protect the lives of famileis in their homes.

The cost for either protection policy is reasonable. You don't believe me, just think for a minute thwe cost of defending yourself using the current legal system using a public defneder who know almost zero about the second amendment.

The lawyers who have been chosen are the ones you would be happy to have have representing you, plus the support you receive form bothj these organiztions is second to none.

just look at all the free information they provide non-members who are just looking around to see what either of these two organizations is all about. The authors are top notch, and the same ones you find who write for many of gun magazines who names you would automatically recognize.

Yea, I'd say its worth your time and effort to look into signing up for a membership to either of these two organizations.

Keith Boynton
[email protected]


  1. fredhuddle's Avatar
    Good stuff, IMHO. It is insurance so each person must decide for themself how much risk they will assume. In my case I bought the insurance as I am very risk averse. YMMV
  2. depps74's Avatar
    I'm a member of the USCCA because of all the info they are willing to share for free. I could only imagine the stuff they had for members. Plus they hrlp with the insurance benefits they include with the memberships. You also get their magazine mailed to you as well as getting access to all the older magazines in their archives. They are great. I have learned so much from them.

    I HIGHLY recommend you join.
  3. Podman's Avatar
    I have their insurance too. You never know when you might need it. And for the price and all the rest of the help they offer, I think it's a good deal.
  4. Stan45's Avatar
    It is not really insurance.
    They only pay if you are NOT convicted.
    Paying for a good defense is big dollars, and they say we will wait to help you.
    Without a good defense you might be found guilty.
    You can not get a good defense with money.
  5. Montyrush's Avatar
    It doesn't help me if I dont have the money in the first place.