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Is Something Strange Happening Inside The Earth?

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This is my theory.....we are pumping in excess of 81 Million barrels of oil per day from underground, mining in excess of 10 Million Tons of coal per day, and who knows how many CUFT of Natural Gas. Not to mention everything else that is pumped out of or mined from underground. That is relieving god only knows how much pressure and leaving some pretty dang big holes behind. My theory is that is why we are seeing an increase (if there is any) of earthquakes.
Good answer!

I am guessing that the coal doesn't matter. But the oil and the gas being under deep pressure is probably what is triggering the undergrown collapsing from removal.

But in addition it could also be due to the deep cooling of the molten Earth metals. We know from our "law" of thermodynamics that anything hot tends to cool as heat radiates out of it. Heat is energy and moves from high to low concentrations. This movement may cause cracking and settling.

So it looks like you probably don't need any virgin sacrifices to the Earth Gods this time to save the planet. This is unlike the winter solstice where the fear of losing the sun does warrant Easter chanting and witch burnings and torture for heresy to appease the sky Gods so that they don't become angered and rack us with quakes and tidal waves.
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