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mossburg 500 or Remington 870

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Which one do you prefer ? Pros and cons of each?
I have two 500s. Both have 18.5" bbls for home defense and also various other bbl lengths for hunting. One has an after market stock and forearm. Better recoil pad and slimmer forearm as my wife uses this one. Love the reliability and low price. I've had one of them since 1981 with thousands of rounds through it. Parts and accessories are easy to find. 870 has a little smoother action, but in the "heat of the moment", not a big difference. The wife is left handed and the tang mounted safety is a huge plus. It is also very easy to verify if the safety is off or on, being in your line of sight. She and I can use either gun in a pinch and when doing weak side shooting drills.
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  1. jimmyp7162's Avatar
    Mossberg has one bar that guides the forearm. remington has two. Remington would be less apt to bind up while chamfering a round, especially during a stressful situation. I would, and do, trust the 870.
  2. NotTwoShure's Avatar
    I see no comparison with a Mossberg and a Remington. I bought the 870 and then a Mossberg, then another 870. The 870 is a dream to take down and clean. The Mossberg is, in my opinion a nightmare if you completely strip it down to the very basics. Off subject is my love for Mini-14’s as opposed to AR’s. Mini’s, for this old man are easier to stip. As for the magazines, I much prefer the AR’s.
  3. Sebring Pop's Avatar
    yea the Remington 870. I have 3 of them. You will not go wrong.
  4. OldLlama32's Avatar
    I purchased the 500. I tried both the 870 and the 500 side-by-side. The 870 is heavier and had a bit more kick-back into the shoulder compared to the lighter 500. When you put them side by side, they look exactly the same, with only a few minor differences, like the safety and the chamber release button. I like both, and they both have long track records, but I chose the Mossberg 500.