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Winchester Ranger ammo..

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I just need to know how to get them
Bulk Ammo caries Winchester Ranger ammo from time to time. It is more prevalent in the 40 S&W but occasionally they have it in other Calibers.


  1. Sgt. Pop's Avatar
    i don't use Winchester Ranger much, but I do use several thousand rds. a year of Winchester White box. You'll hear comments of how dirty it is etc.... probably from people that don't want to clean their weapon. Anyhow you may want to give it a try, several years ago I started picking it up at Walmart because it was cheap and I didn't want to reload .45 acp. I now order by the case (500-1000 rds). My sons and I shoot it for training at Shootrite every year and I use it for GSSF competition (indoor league) and I know it works as I was first in my class last quarter and am currently second in Stock and Unlimited for this quarter. I would like to blame the ammo for an occasional (1-2) flyers out of the 10 ring into the 5, but as this only happens when I shoot the 25 yd target, I know where the real blame lies... Of the thousands of rounds over the past 3-4 years of white box , I do not recall a single failure to fire or feed except by design. This is in 2 different XD100's, 3 1911's, and the G21 I use for GSSF. I use Targetsport for 75% of my 9mm, .40, .223, and .45 ammo.
  2. BenDibble's Avatar
    try using the various ammo search engines. or