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CCW 9mm

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I am looking to carry a 9mm for CCW - I am looking for your feedback. Any thoughts?
carry what you feel is the gun you can hit what you shoot at. practice till you feel comfortable shooting that gun under any situation. I carry a 9mm. if you hit what your aiming at your fine.
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  1. Montyrush's Avatar
    i have been searching for the same 9mm carry piece. started out w a sig p229 last year.little heavy and bulky but fun to shoot and the quality was all there! I decided a couple of months ago to find a single stack 1911 with a 3" barrell. shopped kimber, springfield Emp, and STI...went w the Springfield EMP. so accurate, super comfortable in my hand and in my waistband...also lifetime warrantee and a million ways to customize it if you'd like. check it out! I love mine!
  2. TexChap's Avatar
    9mm works for ne ...Ruger LC9 is my chouce for easy carry in minimal clothing. Shorts and t-shirt is my nornal garb ...jeans in "cooler" weather.
  3. sig_man's Avatar
    Try the SIG 239 or for something smaller, the M&P Shield 9mm
  4. RUGERFAN314's Avatar
    I have a LC9 an i love it great gun easy break down an clean an a xdm 9 that my wife carries an she loves it as well
  5. Marslog's Avatar
    I started off , and still use a Sccy CPX2. it's light weight , lifetime warranty , and American made. It is also more budget friendly for a test carry.
  6. marky's Avatar
    I carry glock19-9mm with crimson trace laser. Its light, very reliable & accurate. If that is too big for you get glock26 compact 9mm.
  7. fauver8282's Avatar
    Well this is a gun that people love to hate and hate to love Keltec pf9. 9mm. 5.85" OA. 4.7 " height 12.7 ounces empty and less the a inch thick 7+1 cap dao trigger i got one new for 280.00 and +p rated
  8. Engelsione's Avatar
    I carry Ruger Sr9c, comfortable, not to big, and 10rounds of 9mm power
  9. Errokk's Avatar
    I myself prefer a Springfield Armory XDM 9mm compact. Excellent gun at a fair price.
  10. clint starling's Avatar
    I carry and sr9 c as well. Accurate, fun to shoot, not much bigger than an lc9. Easy to conceal
  11. BobbyHasADD's Avatar
    I comfortably and consistently carry a glock 17, but I'm a big guy. No shame in 9mm. Hitting your target is always most important no matter the caliber.
  12. lbbowhunter's Avatar
    I live in SoCal so can only have 3 options. I have a glock 26, Ruger LC9 and Ruger LCP on my permit. I prefer my Glock 26 since it shoots like my other glocks. Pocket carry is my LCP as a get off me gun. carry what you shoot when and adjust accordingly. if you have to draw I promise you will be happy that's what drove your choice.
  13. rj53081's Avatar
    I also carry a 9mm. beretta 92fs and a taurus 709 as back up.
  14. Warmums's Avatar
    Ruger LC9 is my choice. easy for me to conceal
  15. Glocker001's Avatar
    G26 with a lasermax, and 10 rounds of Corbon safety slugs is my choice carry, never had to use it, but very impressed at the range shooting various types of produce!
  16. Uncle Sam-Bear your Arms!'s Avatar
    The KelTec PF9- 9mm is a pretty good carry gun. Easy to conceal; fits in your pocket. 7+1 clip. Lightweight. And under $300. I bought 1 New for $290 (tax included)