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James Springer

Obama voters

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I just read an article about a gun store refusing service to obama voters. The store, Southwest Shooting Authority in Pinetop AZ, is displaying a sign asking Obama voters to turn around and leave. (see attached) Of course anyone who voted for Obama is at a minimum intellectually dishonest, and would probably lie about their political affiliation, like their beloved leader lies to the entire world.
What do you think? Are Obama voters responsible enough to own a gun? Of course I'm not advocating suspending anyone's constitutional right, this is purely a hypothetical question. Another consideration: As a CCW permit holder, are you comfortable with someone who is so irresponsible with our most cherished right, voting, also carrying a concealed firearm?
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  1. TWright's Avatar
    There's plenty of places that tell me my guns aren't welcome. Plenty of places say my checks aren't welcome, or certain credit cards, or types of clothing, etc. It's call private property and there are a few people not welcome on my property also.
    God bless 'murica!
  2. DTJ Protection Services's Avatar
    I think that if the management believes Obama supporters are not responsible enough to own a firearm and no one can stop them from owning one; they (management) should do the responsible thing and teach them proper weapons safety. ;~**
  3. tattedupboy's Avatar
    Um, someone could easily just lie about having voted for Obama if they want purchase a gun badly enough.
  4. stevefrasier88's Avatar
    I think its great I never voted for obama
  5. Shawn Jarman's Avatar
    outstanding!, more business should follow
  6. 4rd4x4truck's Avatar
    anyone takes your gun it will be a retardrepublican
  7. 4rd4x4truck's Avatar
    you lost give it up.
  8. Engelsione's Avatar
    I voted for Obama, thanks God my gun shop is not in Arizona.
  9. Lowjiber's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 4rd4x4truck
    you lost give it up.
    I agree. The election is over. Let's move along with life.

    The politicians on both sides have fostered a nation of apathy. All the whining is not going to do anything except raise your blood pressure. Can you do anything about it? NO.
  10. CaptCaveman's Avatar
    Although I'm not an Obama voter, I think this is the logical conclusion to all the derisive attack ads made by both parties this last election to get into office. Both parties did their level best to make everyone hate each other simply because of party affiliation rather than political and personal values. I've got Democrat friends that exclaim how much they hate Romney, a person that they only disagree with on politics. I don't agree at all with Obama but I don't hate him. See? That's my take on it, there are people that are of so simple a mind they hate others simply because of their race or politics or any other thing. I hate Obama got reelected but I don't hate Obama and the hatred that both parties are trying to foster among members of each party against each other is driving us apart. I think that gun store owner should grow up and we should all just strive to keep our gun Rights and stay legitimate and don't give something the left media to write negative anti gun stories about. There are many pro 2nd amendment senators and congressmen that just happen to be Obama voters that we need to support so they will support us and not their own man. So stop hating people, like it or not we need those pro gun democrats bad.
  11. Shawn Jarman's Avatar
    I for one like the sign that tells Obama followers to GO AWAY