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Hello all, I am new to the CCW world. i currently own a XDM .40 full size but i am looking for something more carry friendly. and would like to stick with a .40 cal. I am very interested in the springfield EMP. What are your thoughts? all responses welcome.
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  1. fryemo's Avatar
    excellent choice.
  2. usmcspires6803's Avatar
    I've heard a lot of negative things about the EMP. I love Springfield but I would review non bias stats before buying. not only that but that's a weak 9mm not the good 40 cal you're wanting. If you lean towards a 1911 keep it the way God designed it, 45 ACP. I just bought a Kimber Raptor II Ultra carry and love it. It is very CCW friendly and plan on using it when ever I carry out of the People's Republic of California. Good luck on your search.
  3. fearhd's Avatar
    The Ruger Sr40c is a great pistol.
  4. azoutlaw's Avatar
    Sig 250sc is a good carry choice. Its got a good grip size for tjose of us with bigger hands.
  5. jaxon1174's Avatar
    thanks for the input. I will keep that in mind
  6. stafford0509's Avatar
    It's all of what you like and comfortable with. I have what I call purpose guns. Beretta PX4 9mm for general carry also Beretta .40, if concern areas Restraunts I carry Rugger .LCP .380 just because you dint want to worry about drawing attention if shows. Not to mean I don't carry two weapons. You never know what you may face. It depends on clothes I'm wearing to what I carry.
  7. Uncle Sam-Bear your Arms!'s Avatar
    I just bought the Beretta 9000S .40 cap. Very compact & easy to carry. Comes with 2-10 round clips. Shot well, good recoil. Look it up & see what you think.