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Jay Neumann

Disabled hunters/gun owners

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Is there any disabled hunters/gunners on here? Where are you and what do you like doing outdoors. Any gun dealers?
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  1. papajon13's Avatar
    Yes, about all I can still handle is a couple hours at the range (almost always at Ben Avery). I am in North/Central Phoenix My bad: back; hip and arthritic joints throughout my hands and feet make any more very difficult.
  2. David Manuel's Avatar
    my name is Dave I have spina bifida and am in and am in a wheelchair I am from Minneapolis mn I love most stuff outdoors
  3. Pistoleer Pastor's Avatar
    Disabled vet from Desert Storm. 30% due to a service injury to my arm. Try not to let it affect my firearm proficiency and hunting with firearms and crossbow.
  4. rebelbiker987's Avatar
    I guess it depends on your definition of disabled. I'm a double amputee (diabetes) so walking thru the good hunting areas is kind of out of the question but I still enjoy linking with my Ruger 10/22 and talking my handguns to the range. And I like riding my motorcycle to get to the range!! :)
  5. David Manuel's Avatar
    hey rebel did you know you can hunt on a stationary vehicle