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Right to Resist Law!

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Governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, has signed into law a measure that allows homeowners to use force when resisting police entry into their homes in some cases. The bill was a response to the public uproar over a state Supreme Court ruling that residents could not resist officers, even during an illegal entry. The measure specifies that residents are protected by the state's self-defense law if they reasonably believe force is necessary to protect themselves from unlawful actions by an officer. What is your opinion on this new legislature in Indiana?
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  1. imrambi's Avatar
    There was a instance in Mass not too long ago where the police chainsawed the wrong apartment. (The door belonging to the druggy was left intact.)

    As a law abiding cizen you should have the right to defend your place of residence. I told people if that happened to me, I would be leaving there in a body bag because I would be shooting back. As far as I know its some crazed lunitic out there wanting to kill me. Plus why would cops use something that loud?

    If the cops are investigating a place it should be fully documented on what the place is so these mistakes dont happen. Otherwise they need to pay for their mistakes.
  2. Jddubb1's Avatar
    I agree, innocent citizens are violated each day. This law protects our right to defend home and family. The only difference between an officer and I is that he wears a uniform to work each day. Other than that he has no right to enter my home without my concent. Not all cops but some have this "above the law attitude", like they can do whatever they want. Bout time someone is looking out for the little guy on the totem pole. Its a new day, enter at your own risk!