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Back in business

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I have been a gun owner most my life, from my first ruger 22 when I was 8 till now. From hunting my first deer to my first combat training course I have always loved the feel of a gun in my hand on on my person. Something just felt right about it. I got my ccw permit when I was 21 and till about 4 years ago carried everyday. Then I went thru a devorce and my exwife claimed assualt on me so I had to get rid of all my guns. It tore me up knowing I had never touched her but was still forced to get rid of them. Well after going through court 5 times in the last 4 years I was able to show that I was innocent of those chose charges and should have never been arrested in the first place. I got my record wiped clean applied for my ccw permit and picked up a new carry gun. Went to the range today was a lil rusty but things started falling into place 25 yd head shots told me i was back in business. It felt so good. Time for my collection to start increasing. God bless america!!!
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  1. TlWheatley's Avatar
    Congrats......sounds like you didnt forget the basics.
  2. trophyhunter's Avatar

    Congrads I'am happy to see that the Good Guys can Still Prevail.
    It's a Damn Shame that all Someone has to do is Claim Abuse
    Agaisnt another,and your stripped of your Weapons, Rights.

    I shared your story with a few guys I shoot before I posted, and They all Said the Same thing.That your accuser should be charged with filling False claims, Defimation of Character. But in the end it's not wourth the Head Aches Most Important thing here is

    Your Back!! I can't express enough how happy that makes me I can only Imagine how happy you must be. Im most Impressed with how you handle yourself during all the Bulls _ _ t once again
  3. Jmeadows's Avatar
    Thanks for your comments, yeah it was not fun having to go through all that but again it all worked out. Being that it was my exwife who accused me in the first place I thought about taking her back to court for false accusation but she is my kids mother and it just aint worth it. Im just glad im a gun owner again and damn proud of it.
  4. cmr2's Avatar
    congrats on the deal , should go back on them to replace your stock
  5. tjarrowood's Avatar
    Congrats! Always good to hear when someone can re-establish themselves as a 2nd Amendment American.