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Kill shots

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I was talking with a friend the other day about where to shoot and the ethics of kill shots. I have always been an advovate of well place head or heart shots. But as I get older and wiser I am beginning to wonder if shoot to kill is the right choice. Im still debating this subject and am interested in any opions or veiwpoints anyone else may have.
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  1. Teluch82's Avatar
    the only thoughts I have are that when the suituation presents its self instinct will kick in. I also think that if it is a true threat you are going to do what you need to do to stop the threat. just remember that if you shoot to wound that may come back to bite you in the but meaning that it may make the suituation as not life threatening and may result in charges against you
  2. pwnage365's Avatar
    personally, if it comes to where I draw my weapon, it'll be 2 to the chest. anything else could end with my weapon being taken and used to kill myself or my family. there could be excretion I suppose but once they take the step towards me or their weapon is raised, it's lights out.
  3. pwnage365's Avatar
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  4. fauver52's Avatar
    God forbid i have to draw my weapon i am aiming for the head period . Dont start nothing and there wont be a problem i have two small children and a wife that i AM going home to thats just how it is
  5. Camerondavidl's Avatar
    Really? Are we really having this conversation?
    Look, firing your weapon at someone means you are using deadly force. Will the BG die as a result? Maybe, maybe not. Its not a mater of "Will I take the kill shot? Or just the shot that wounds the BG?"
    People have died from a bullet to the arm. And people have lived through a shot to the head.
  6. Camerondavidl's Avatar
    Oops... pushed submit my accident.
    Lets just say we are carrying to protect our lives, the lives of our family, and the people around us.
    If that time ever comes. Im not looking for the kill shot or the wounding shot. Im looking to be faster than the bad guy and make sure that I, or my loved ones... Live!
  7. Wskyrnr21's Avatar
    the number of guns I have seems to increase the older and wiser I become!
  8. atherts's Avatar
    Shoot to stop the threat. Maybe a shot to the pelvis would be better than a "kill" shot in some cases.
  9. jscooper1975's Avatar
    Shoot to kill chest shot if he or she lives it can coast you alot of money and maybe your freedom so kill them dump the hole mag in them you not in the army or a cop so your not trained to shoot two times just kill them and make sure you and your loved ones are ok and safe ....that came out a judges mouth
  10. csmc1863's Avatar
    I got to agree with 2 to the chest. I'd rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6.
  11. twinportsconcealedcarry's Avatar
    The only reason it should leave the holster is because you life or your familys lives are in danger. Just stop the threat don't think about where you are going to shoot muscle memory takes over and your training Carries out the action. Train for center mass at a quick draw without aiming. Just work on your point shooting techniques, where you shoot don't mean a damn thing if you die in the process.STOP THE THREAT
  12. paguy's Avatar
    When you make the decision to use deadly force it should be to stop the adversary. You are not shooting to wound or kill but, to stop the adversary from causing death or serious bodily injury to yourself or a third party. Shot placement has long been a debated topic with many experts on al sides. my shot placement is to the torso, pelvis and head in that order.
  13. R_ACE1's Avatar
    if I could avoid kill shots I would. BUT with all the problems with the justice system I would rather kill the person rather stop him, then sue me in the end.
  14. aich's Avatar
    lawyers repeatedly say a dead bad guy will cost you to spend less in court than a living one so if SHTF empty your magazine!
  15. Jmeadows's Avatar
    I know that in the event that I have to protect myself my training will take over and I will not think about where to aim. It will be as I train to do. Im not out to hurt anybody lol. Some of you went a lil over board on that one. I know legaly whats better to do. It was just a moral statement as to if you had the oppirtunity and time in shot placement how many of would choose to wound and how many would choose the kill. I find it interesting on the diffirent opions is all.
  16. lambo2483's Avatar
    My only thoughts about that are if the situation arises and it is serious enough that you have to draw your gun and shoot that shoot to kill is the only choice to save yourself and or your family
  17. TlWheatley's Avatar
    If I shoot, he'll bleed to death before help gets there
  18. tranktn's Avatar
    center body mass to stop the activity. never shoot to "kill" otherwise it raises question of your character. yes, center body mass will almost certainly result in death but at the same time it is the largest and most safe target to choose.
  19. pointblank871's Avatar
    I consider myself a good shot, and have on several occasions had to draw my weapon the best is body mass .
  20. Kalamity023's Avatar
    I find it interesting that it took 7 days to get to center mass... the largest target of opportunity that presents itself.. Then shoot to stop the threat! tranktn is most certainly correct. If you shoot to "kill" and admit to it justified or not you're catching a case that you don't want!
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