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Range etiquette

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So I am at one of our local outdoor ranges today and this just happens to be one where there is no range officer. So you follow the rules that are posted when you sign in. or atleast you assume everyone will. Well some idiot decides he is going to make up his own rules and almost gets himself shot. He was heading down range before he made sure it was clear. Well the other gentleman and I decided to instruct this fellow in range etiquette. No physical stuff but we made our point still the same. Hopefully next time this man will use his head.
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  1. TlWheatley's Avatar
    Seems you did all you could short of "accidently" shooting him
  2. csmc1863's Avatar
    Swallow end of the gene pool lol
  3. MusaJames's Avatar
    I don't like Ranges where people can walk down and set up their target. There always appears to be one guy that will do this every now and again.
  4. Kalamity023's Avatar
    any time where I go to a range where you have to physically go down range to check a target; there is a mandated cease fire
  5. OldLlama32's Avatar
    Sounds like that range should require a range officer. Not safe.