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Buying a 1911 need help.

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OK all you 1911 fans I'm jumping on the bandwagon and buying a 1911 45 this week by witj so many choices its hard to choose which one. I have $1000.00 to spend and want to have a quality firearm. I have looked at most of the makers. I have liked Kimber. Springfield, and taurus. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
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  1. mandoguy's Avatar
    Kimber Raptor , beautiful work ,
  2. mandoguy's Avatar
  3. jake1's Avatar
    I just bought an American Classic ii. It is a Philippine made 1911 and very solid for $500.
  4. rugershootermaine's Avatar
    Take a look at the Ruger SR1911, can get them for around $700. Completely US made, I've had mine about 8 months and it's fantastic. Very well made gun, I haven't had a single issue.
  5. sig_man's Avatar
    I second the Kimber, but also look at the Sig's and Taurus's in 1911
  6. jknight4652's Avatar
    Kimber carry II. it's small 4 in barrel is compact and great for concealed carry. you can't go wrong with Kimber. Remember you get what you pay for.
  7. unionmillwright's Avatar
    I just bought an American Tactical officer's model in stainless steel, and it performs right up there with my Kimber. It ran probably $500 less and I usually carry it as my sidearm versus the government model. Great pistol. Only downfall in my book; made in the Phillipines.
  8. Montyrush's Avatar
    I took a serious look at STI lawman...ended up going w a springer EMP 9mm for carry. but check STI
  9. scam13's Avatar
    Springfield's are what u run. Solid guns. I can't justify the money Kimber wants for a 1911.
  10. ~OtisM~'s Avatar
    If u don't own a Dan wesson u are dumb.
  11. mncarrydude's Avatar
    I got a Springfield GI-lightly modified, a Colt Series 70 Commander-slightly modified, and a Sig Sauer 1911-.22 for memory practice. Traded my Glock 19 Gen4 for the GI. Love the 1911!!!!
  12. Gregbreitz's Avatar
    I have 3 1911's. Auto ordinance 1911 a1 .45... Fantastic piece. For $ 500.00. ATI 1911 .22 cal for my daughter for $327.00 and a Taurus pt 1911 ss .45. Another fantastic piece for $641.00
  13. bobyoung10's Avatar
    I would go for a paraordinace 1911 the only down fall is the size but you hold 14 in the mag not the best for concealed carry but it worth it if you would ever need the ammo
  14. novagirl's Avatar
    Springfield armory mill speck
  15. drewoufan's Avatar
    Kimber. The Springfields are as much or more for the models that compare to the kimber.
  16. antifederalist22's Avatar
    STI has cycling problems with non-45 cal 1911 systems. my uncle sent his back 3 times and they never made it work. sold it after that. if going 40 and compact the SA EMP, 9 is probably good too. SA, Remington, Ruger, SW, and Kimber won't break the bank and gives you quality and reliability in .45
  17. usmcspires6803's Avatar
    I own a Springfield mil spec and she works beautifully.
  18. XD40FAN's Avatar
    If your looking to shoot the [email protected]#t out of it go with low end Springfield or Taurus or rock island. If its a safe queen Kimber or colt. Kimber and colt you pay for the looks and super tight tolerances some say too tight on the Kimber. To each its own but for a grand I would pickup a mid level Springfield.
  19. Podman's Avatar
    Don't forget Colt.
  20. bobyoung10's Avatar
    i know this next one isnt a 1911 but its been good for me even though its not mine the sprinfield xds it a .45 but only hold 9 in a mag but it is still very reliable
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