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My new 1911

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Well folks after much consideration and looking I finally fount a 1911 I am happy with. Nope not a Kimber, Springfield, STI or even Taurus. I picked up a Smith and Wesson 1911 ES, ran about $1100.00 from a chain store.
This gun is absolutely beautiful, It is a commander style 1911 which is great for concealed carry or home defense. It feels tight and I can tell Smith and Wesson paid attention to detail. No sounds if you shake the gun, trigger is crisp 3.5 to 4lbs. Novak sights and stainless steel slide and barrel with black scandium alloy frame. I Love this gun, the only detractor would be the short guide rod. But thats more a personel opinion. I opted for a Wilson Combat flgr which dropped right in and made the gun even smoother. So for any one looking for a qaulity made 1911 look no further then Smith and Wesson.
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  1. ~OtisM~'s Avatar
    Should have spent $200 more on a Dan wesson cco. My opinion of course. Safe shootin
  2. fauver8282's Avatar
    Awesome i am getting my 1911 in feb with income tax return cant wait
  3. TireTroll's Avatar
    Try a Remington R1 for about half the price.