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carry knife?

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Being a martial arts practioner and a concealed weapon carry . I train with a variety of different weapons guns knives sticks etc. I like to back up my carry firearm with a good knife from spider co and wonder how many others carry a blade as well?
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  1. sig_man's Avatar
    I have a Kershaw
  2. rj53081's Avatar
    Always carry a back up knife
  3. ~OtisM~'s Avatar
    Kershaw onion blade.
  4. NotTwoShure's Avatar
    Buck (x2) SOG (x2) and one old bugger, have no idea the name, could be Geroge.
  5. matt111's Avatar
    I am saving for the Emerson karambit its a mean knife it has the wave feature and different blades. I want the cqc-7 blade
  6. COOLYUNDO's Avatar
    I also carry back up knife
  7. robstid's Avatar
    Kershaw here as well.
  8. bikerbill's Avatar
    Always carry a knife ... usually a Spiderco Native tho recently a Bear Grylls folder takes it's place from time to time ...
  9. fauver8282's Avatar
    I carry my weapon an a good old marlboro swiss army knife and a striker rod around my neck and thats all i need
  10. dakotaracing's Avatar
    Zero Tolerance 350st. Great blade.
  11. StuntCarry's Avatar
    Always carry a knife. Gerber pocket knife, but still added protection.
  12. 4X4CDG's Avatar
    I carry a Husky box knife. I can change the blade and it handles a variety of tasks.
  13. rehalfacre's Avatar
    I always carry a knife. I have one that is made to break a car window and cut a seat belt without opening it. not the highest price but it will do the job.
  14. codys's Avatar
    Usually a sog aegis
  15. Stan45's Avatar
    Spyderco Endura it goes were I go.
  16. n4sxx's Avatar
    my question is this, if you do martial arts why do you need a knife ? use a dis-arming technique
  17. drifter59's Avatar
    Kershaw onion as well here.
  18. Jmeadows's Avatar
    In response to the comment about using a disarming technique. Although I'm very familiar with knife disarming this was meant to simply ask what kind of knife others carry. I like to know how use any thing I have on me or can pick up as a weapon. This is why I train with knives, sticks, pens or whatever. :)
  19. Sir Diealotz's Avatar
    spyderco manix 2
  20. Russ007's Avatar
    i carry a bench made for a back up
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