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ar 15

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Idk much about one of these, though I have shot oneva few times. Can I get a decent are AR for under $1000.00? That may include a scope or sighting device. Any help would be great. Just trying to add to the collection.
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  1. GunsOfThe111th's Avatar
    Daniel Defense makes a nice one for the price range your looking for.
  2. RonM0710's Avatar
    Walmart has them now. The DPMS SPORTACTALE for $597 and Windhamm SRC for $799.
  3. Jarhead0093's Avatar
    Look for a DPMS. Or a S&W m&P sport. My buddy bought the S&W. Great gun for the money
  4. nraynes's Avatar
    Stag arms is another good one.
    I recommended the plus package.
  5. Wesco's Avatar
    smith and Wesson M&P sport great buy for the money